Lunada Biomedical: Science of Aging

Lunada Biomedical brings to market novel evidence-based products that address negative effects of aging on health and vitality.

We use patented CytoSmartTM technology[5] to produce unique signaling molecules that optimize mitochondrial and hypothalamic function.[1] Mounting scientific evidence suggests that the hypothalamus and mitochondria are the two primary mechanisms that control the state of our health and the pace of aging.

Mitochondria are organelles found within human cells. Mitochondria are often referred to as cellular “power plants” because they generate energy for virtually every physiological process our bodies need to survive. [8] Declining function of mitochondria has been directly linked to cellular aging and death.

The hypothalamus is a section of a brain that regulates most vital functions in the body including body temperature, hunger, blood pressure, sexual behavior, mood, sleep cycles, and levels of hormones.[9] The hypothalamus maintains homeostasis, i.e., keeps the human body in a balanced, stable condition. The hypothalamus is considered the body’s “biological clock” due to its commanding role in the process of growth, development and subsequent aging.[10]

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